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Updated: Oct 24, 2018

Have you ever heard of an Energy Vortex? They are powerful healing spots where an immense concentration of magnetic energy emits from the planet. They can be found near places with geothermal underground water, mountain peak alignments, earthquake faults, sun and wind energies. Among the tremendous places in the world that are found in energy vortexes are Mayan, Aztec, and Inca monuments along with many temples, churches and pilgrimage sites. The Chakras inside of us are considered swirling energy. So too is the definition of a vortex on this planet. They are like chakras of the earth.

bathe in Desert Hot Springs and the natural waters

These are some of the definitions of vortex in the dictionary A whirling mass of water, especially one in which a force of suction operates, as a whirlpool. A whirling mass of air, especially one in the form of a visible column or spiral, as a tornado. Something regarded as drawing into its powerful current everything that surrounds it: A rapid rotatory movement of cosmic matter about a center, regarded as accounting for the origin or phenomena of bodies or systems of bodies in space. The city of Desert of Hot springs is blessed with one of the most powerful healing vortexes in the world… the convergence of these five energies. Earthquake faults, geothermal underground water, mountain peak alignments, wind, and Sun energies. The strong wind energy of the city has the power of therapeutic purification from the common toxins of daily city living… The lovely Sun energy bathes the valley with tremendous power, brightness, and healing energy.

In order to truly connect to the energies, we must concentrate our awareness, quiet our mind, and tune our entire being to the energy transmission of the energy point. In Desert Hot Springs the natural hot waters we immerse ourselves our pools or Jacuzzi give us a full connection with one of the powers directly. So when you visit Desert Hot Springs and bathe in the natural waters, take a hike up to our mountains, lean into a therapeutic breeze and soak up some of that Sun energy, you are being healed by this powerful energy vortex.


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