Mineral Water Pool

Desert Hot Springs has long claimed to be situated in a vortex that promotes health and wellness. The theory is: The city’s natural elements of mineral water, unspoiled mountain, and desert expanse, its elevation, earthquake faults, wind, and sunshine create a significant energy field. It’s believed the vortexes are negative ion generators influenced by magnetic forces, which produces positive energy, well-being, and healing.


Desert Hot Springs sits on two aquifers, which are divided by a tectonic fault. One side is hot water and the other is cold. Due to the depth of the aquifers, layered, decomposed granite serves as a filter eliminating sulfur odor and bad taste. Experts say the water has a perfect balance of PH and Alkalinity. This produces silky mineral water good for the body inside and out.


Soaking in geothermally heated water, the body is able to better absorb minerals like Lithium, which is known to elevate mood. Relaxing in natural hot water increases blood flow, regenerates cells and increases the body’s natural ability to heal. It also aids in cleansing and detoxing the body.

Clean Energy

We recently installed Solar energy panels so Sandpiper is now running on clean energy.

Did you know? The sun is the largest energy source in our solar system. More energy from the sun hits our earth in one hour than the entire world uses in one entire year! Solar energy technology harnesses the power of the sun for human use, but we’ve only just begun to tap its full potential. That is the reason we decided to use this power to light Sandpiper Inn using almost only Solar panels. 


Using our SPA you can enjoy the unique dry sauna and steam sauna. Both of our Saunas uses the same vortex Energy that you can find using our silky mineral water from the Inn natural hot water pools.


Our guests love having barbecues outside in the fresh Desert hot springs air. Our barbecue pits are situated in a large naturally ventilated space. The wind blows all the smoke away from the hotel and the guests and the ambiance is totally chill.This is a great time for family, friends and group bonding and fun. We have ample furniture available for guest use. So bring your barbecue supplies and get ready for some fun!

Conference Room

Our conference room is great for groups of any kind. With capacity of 50 people, there is ample space for great group activity.

Canopy Area

Our outdoor area is large and is fully enclosed with a canopy which creates wonderful shade. This is a large area with capacity for approximately 100 people. Great for Yoga groups. Also is fantastic for setting up any props necessary for performances and events.


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